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Boarders Accommodation

Paragon Prep student-athletes reside in  our very own dormitory style accommodations with Head Coach Marcus Mooney and Wife Michelle Mooney (House Mom) in a Beautiful 2,356 Square ft home in a beautiful Desert Shores community of Las Vegas



Meals are prepped and nutritional. As well, Paragon Academy provides a pantry for additional snack supplements throughout the day.

Students will have a hands on experience supervised by the staff.

Security at Paragon Academy

At Paragon, student safety is our top priority. We believe that education and spiritual growth begin with a safe and secure environment, We are firmly committed to providing a safe and secure environment. 



Among the other amenities at our team home we’ve built a full workout area for our players too work out when they want. This ensures that our players are always at the top of their game.


Our players are under a very strict schedule they work hard all week whether it’s School, workouts or practices. Although we love the commitment and grind for getting better we do recognize that there’s times the athletes need to take a break and we encourage our athletes to take some free time to themselves maybe play the game system read a book watch movies go bowling or something other than academics and work outs. Our team home has the amenities where our athletes can just relax and take some time to themselves.

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