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The Canyon Athletic Association


The Canyon Athletic Association is a not-for-profit corporation created to provide competitive athletic competition for educational institutions. The member schools include, but are not limited to, charter schools, district public schools,private schools, home school organizations and parochial schools.  It is our goal to help facilitate communication, provide structure and guidelines, organize tournaments and manage the funds necessary for these activities. The CAA seeks to provide high standards of integrity while providing great flexibility to accommodate education based activities.

High School/ Post Grad Schedules

 Paragon Academy 24-25 High School Schedule


August 30 Rancho LV (non conference)

SEPT 14th Silverado LV (non conference)

SEPT 21-22 Antelope City College CA

OCT• 4-6 PHH Classic 1 Arizona

OCT 26 Christian Community College LV

NOV 18-17 Hardrock Showcase (EBC) CA

DEC 6-8 King of Redrock (EIBC) LV

DEC 11 Ascending Life Academy LV

JAN 3-5 Barn Storm Invite (EIBC)

JAN 10-12 Desert Showdown (EIBC) Arizona

JAN 31 - FEB 2 Classic 3 Arizona

FEB 6-8 PIT Brawl (EIBC) New Mexico

MARCH 4-7 (EIBC) Finals Arizona


Each EIBC and Classic stop is a 3 game guarantee Waiting on a couple of more teams to confirm

This Is Not Our Final Schedule For The Season We Will Ad More Games Once  Dates and Times Are Confirmed

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