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We offer athletic development through Strength & Conditioning along with Speed & Agility. Recovery, Injury prevention and Nutrition are also key components to establish a well-rounded program. Evaluations are designed to assess each athlete to create their specific program to help them progress and reach their full potential.

With over 20 years of experience in sports-specific performance training, our goal is to provide athletic development to assist each athlete in enhancing the physical and mental aspects of their game including personal development to prepare for life’s challenges. 


On Court:

Individual Development & Enhancement
  • Scoring from all 3 levels (at the basket, mid-range, 3-point)

  • Shooting (form, balance, footwork, hand placement, shooting pocket, follow through, touch)

  • Finishing at Basket (decision making, footwork, body control, leaping ability, versatility of hands)

  • Ball-handling (full-court against pressure, half-court beyond the arc, attacking the defense inside the arc/getting down hill, having a purpose and making the right decision)

  • Play Making (reading defense, creating opportunities for teammates, creating opportunities for oneself, pass-fake, shot-fake)

  • Screens & Using Correctly (decision making, positioning, change of speeds, change of directions, how to pass out of, how to play make off of)

  • Rebounding (positioning, reading the ball, anticipating the bounce, timing the jump)

  • Defending (full court pressure, half court pressure, kill spots on the court, decision making)

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Off Court:

We will help guide the student athletes into becoming good ambassadors of the program and bring a responsible young adult through discipline and accountability.

Things such as being on time, keeping your room and the house clean and laundry responsibilities and teach them how to cook for themselves.

Out goal is to make all our athletes more rounded players and people.

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