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Paragon Academy Education


Partnering with Premier Prep

Premier Prep is committed to establishing strong and trusting relationships with students and families from the very beginning. Studies show that students who feel safe and connected to meaningful learning experiences will thrive in a virtual learning environment. Building
relationships and providing rigorous and meaningful learning while allowing students to pursue their talents are the key components of our success at Premier Prep 


Premier Prep = Excellence

Premier Prep features an academic environment designed to complement the extracurricular pursuits of our students. With the guidance of qualified instructors and counselors, students design a course load and schedule to accommodate their training schedules and goals.



  • Students are engaged in exceptional activities requiring discipline, hard work, and tremendous time commitments. We work with students to ensure academic success while they concurrently pursue their passion.

  • All Premier Prep students are prepared for a lifetime of learning and engagement within their communities by creating opportunities for students to serve others. We accomplish this through collaboration and community engagement and by cultivating an environment that encourages healthy social and emotional development.

  • We recognize that the career path of each talent-driven student looks different. Whether focused on athletics, the arts, career and technical education, or concurrent enrollment in college level courses while in junior high or high school, we create opportunities for our students to engage in these activities by providing a learning environment that caters to those aspirations.






  • Math Foundations I, II

  • Math Fundamentals

  • Algebra I, II

  • Geometry

  • Pre-Calculus

  • Statistics

  • Honors Algebra I, II

  • Honors Geometry



  • English Foundations I, II

  • English 9, 10, 11, 12

  • Honors English 9, 10, 11, 12



  • Biology

  • Earth Science

  • Environmental Science

  • Science Foundations

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • Physical Science

  • Honors Biology

  • Honors Chemistry

  • Honors Physics

Social Science (History)


  • U.S. History

  • World History

  • World History and Geography

  • U.S. Government

  • Economics

  • U.S. History (Post-Civil War)

  • U.S. Global Economics

  • Modern World History I, II



  • Health I, II

  • Psychology

  • Sociology

  • Financial Literacy

  • Accounting I, II

  • Art Appreciation

  • Music Appreciation

  • Business Applications

  • College and Careers I, II

  • Human Resource Principles

  • Intro to Technology

  • Intro to Business Tech

Trinity International School

Our International students will be enrolled in the Trinity International School here in Las Vegas. Trinity are very experienced in administering overseas students and will begin the I20 and F1 visa procedure as soon as you are signed up with Paragon Academy.

They also provide excellent SAT prep classes and students can sit the SAT on site at the school. 

image_6483441 (1).JPG

Post Grad Program

One of the most important parts of the Post Grad process is making sure that the students are academically eligible to make the next step.

There are strict requirements for eligibility to NCAA, NAIA and JUCO schools and Paragon Prep will assess the students educational transcripts in order to make sure that if anything is missing then time will be spent completing the relevant subjects. 




Postsecondary Proprietary School.


Paragon Academy has partnered with USA COLLEGIATE for our post grad academic support program.

USA COLLEGIATE role is to pull together and administer the BEST academic support and curriculum possible.  This is an ongoing process as USA-C continually looks for the best source of providers to best meet the needs of the players.  


USA COLLEGIATE launched an online 2-year college geared specifically for players  (Prep or Junior College).  The college is – USA COLLEGIATE Online, and while headquartered in St George, it can be accessed from EVERYWHERE in the world with an internet connection.  USA COLLEGIATE Online is licensed by the State of Utah as a “Degree Granting Postsecondary Proprietary School.”  Students enrolled in a USA-C program will  take courses to improve their academic standing or leading to an Associate Degree for immediate employment in a chosen career, or transfer on to an accredited college, or transfer to a trade/technical college for further training in a chosen field.

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